How to Prepare Your Yard for a Backyard Wedding (2024)

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How to Prepare Your Yard for a Backyard Wedding (1)Elizabeth FlahertyUpdated: Oct. 01, 2023

    Hosting a backyard wedding and/or a backyard wedding reception not only allows for a more relaxed atmosphere, it's also a great way to maintain a healthy budget. We'll show you how to properly prepare your home for a beautiful backyard wedding.


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    Get Greener Grass

    If you’re planning to host a wedding ceremony and reception in your backyard, you’ll want your yard to look its very best for the special occasion. You must be proactive when it comes to learning how to get green grass, so your lawn will be ready in time for your guests. Check out our six secrets for growing greener grass. You’ll keep your lawn healthier, greener and thicker with a lot less effort.


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    Outdoor Lighting

    When the sun sets during your backyard wedding reception, you’re going to need more light than just the motion sensor lights on your house. So hang up some string lights in trees, around your deck or anywhere else you see fit. And be sure to check out these 10 breathtaking outdoor lighting looks for your yard. There’s nothing quite like the twinkle of outdoor lighting on a cool summer night.


    Build a Dance Floor

    Your wedding guests need somewhere to get their groove on, and dancing on grass in heels is no fun. Not to mention, it’s a twisted ankle waiting to happen. So with a little time and money, you can build a dance floor in your backyard from recycled wood pallets. And for a fun touch, paint a black and white checkerboard design on the dance floor. With a clearly defined dance area, your guests will be sure to dance the night away.

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    Create a Cohesive Landscape Design

    While your initial impulse may be to infuse your garden with a rainbow of diverse blooms, take some time to plan out a cohesive landscape design that corresponds with the wedding color scheme. And if you are looking for some color inspiration check out these 49 colorful plants to brighten up your landscape.


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    Restore a Patchy, Weedy Lawn

    If you have an average-size weedy and patchy lawn, reseeding is a job you can do in a weekend. But beprepared to keep the soil damp with daily watering for the first month or so. It’s the key to a successful reseeding job. By the time your DIY backyard wedding rolls around, your grass will be weed free and sure to impress!


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    Clean Concrete

    If your concrete has rust stains, try out this cheap and easy removal method.The whole process only took an hour or so for an 8-ft. x 20-ft. slab. You’ll need to buy a gallon or two of Acid Magicfor about $15, a pump up sprayer and a good stiff brush that you can screw onto a sturdy handle. Your backyard patio will be ready for entertaining in no time.


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    Rent a Generator and Bathrooms

    Take a moment to think about the electrical components essential to your celebration. Many backyard weddings require an additional power source to supplement their primary generator. When you think about it, power is required by the caterer, lighting and band or DJ. Also, your two- or three-bathroom home may not have the capacity to serve your entire guest list. So it is important to consider a bathroom rental.

    Check out our guide for choosing the best generator for your needs.


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    Consider the Weather

    If you have a wedding planner, they will undoubtedly advise you to put together a back-up plan in case ofunforeseen rain showersor wind. Many DIY backyard weddings involve tenting the reception area to help combat this issue. In addition to shielding guests from a surprise storm, tents also provide ambiance.


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    Pest Control

    The last thing a wedding needs is bug bite-ridden guests, so make a protective strike against bugs to prevent damage before it occurs. Spray a pesticide a few days before the event to make sure guests aren’t eaten alive by mosquitos or other bugs. Also, check out these11 homemade bug repellents.


    Polish Your Patio Design

    Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen area? Planning for your backyard wedding reception may be the perfect time to finally update your grilling area to a polished outdoor kitchen patio. This space is perfect for both the bar area and an hors d’oeuvres station. Also, check out these 15 perfect patio designsfor more wedding patio inspiration.

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    Cover Your Back

    If your wedding is on the grander side, you may need to think about yourinsurance coverage. So before the backyard wedding, check your home owner’s insurance to see what is covered on your home. It may be necessary to purchase a separate event or wedding insurance policy to cover the wedding activities as well as liquor liability.

    Check out these 10 unbelievable events homeowners insurance covers.


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    For Those With More Time on Their Hands

    If you really want to go all out for your DIY backyard wedding try building this gazebo, or even this grillzebo. These structures will not only add to the ambiance on your wedding day, but they will also be great addition to your backyard long after the wedding is over.

    Take a peak at some of the sweetest castles around the world to take your sweetie for the honeymoon.

    Originally Published: May 21, 2019

    How to Prepare Your Yard for a Backyard Wedding (2024)
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