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The spring wedding season is almost on, and it’s high time to make the last preparations! If you haven’t chosen your wedding centerpieces yet, we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for you. Spring weddings usually breathe with freshness and show off pastels, and the centerpieces often match these ideas: neutral and pastel blooms, lots of greenery and simple vases are right what you need to create one. Add touches of the style you’ve chosen and voila! Now let’s have a look at some amazing ideas.

Floral Centerpieces

The most popular idea for any wedding centerpiece is a floral one, and spring weddings are no exception. Make gorgeous floral centerpieces yourself using the blooms that you’ve chosen for the wedding decor. Lavender, white and blush roses and ranunculus, baby’s breath, anemones and other blooms are welcome, just make sure that they fit your wedding decor. If you want to embrace the season, try spring blooms: tulips, cherry blossom, lilac and other flowers that are in blossom right now. Add greenery for a fresher and more textural look, and voila! As for vases, opt for sheer glass ones to accent the flowers, or try mercury glass for a dreamy look. One more idea to make a statement is to use an interesting item as a vase – a large faceted terrarium, a gold mason jar, a bucket or a birdcage – whatever fits and highlights your style is great. Now add little touches for the same purpose: wood slice table numbers, cloches with LEDs, candles and so on.

a bucket with greenery, neutral blooms and a wood slice number

a creative lush floral centerpiece in a diamond-shaped glass terrarium with a gold frame

a gold mason jar with greenery and pink blooming branches

a gorgeous spring centerpiece with neutral blooms, greenery and a cloche with LEDs

a mercury glass vase with white roses and eucalyptus is a chic and elegant idea

a modern glass vase with white tulips is an ideal and simple wedding centerpiece

a moody spring wedding centerpiece with neutral blooms and some greenery

a pale wedding centerpiece with lilac and blush roses, eucalyptus, pale miller and lilac

a rustic bucket with pink blooms, baby's breath and a calligraphy table number

a sheer vase with white blooms, succulents and greenery

a wooden box with blue hydrngeas, white dahlias and textural greenery is ideal for a rustic wedding

a white jug with lush neutral florals and greenery surrounded with candles for a natural chic look

a vintage bowl with blush and dusty pink blooms and lush greenery

a wooden crate with lavender in jars fits not only a Provence wedding

a vintage birdcage with greenery and neutral blooms for a chic centerpiece

a white Moroccan-style lantern with blooms and a framed table number

an elegant centerpiece with greenery, blush blooms, candles and a cute table number

Greenery Centerpieces

If florals aren’t your thing or you want a fresh no-bloom look, opt for only greenery for your centerpieces. Besides, it’s a great way to save some money and get fresh and modern decor. Pale miller, various kinds of eucalyptus, olive branches, succulents and wheat grass are right what you need for a cute spring look. Just put some branches in a vase and that’s it! If you want to save some table space and make a statement at the same time, try tall centerpieces on metallic stands, they look wow and getting more and more popularity now. Boxes with wheatgrass and candles inside are a cute and casual spring centerpiece idea – who needs lush blooms when you have fresh grass? Have a look at more ideas and get inspired!

a natural greenery wedding centerpiece in a tall vase and a matching greenery runner

a sheer glass vase with greenery and olive branches with olives on them

a simple yet stunning centerpiece with fresh greenery on branches is great idea for any season

a tall eucalyptus centerpiece on a gilded frame to save some table space

a tall foliage centerpiece with myrtle, seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus in a brass vase

a wooden box with lots of greenery and pale scculents for a spring wedding

a wooden box with wheatgrass and candles to feel the spring spirit

tall greenery centerpieces and matching greenery runners for a fresh spring look

26 Refreshing Spring Wedding Centerpieces - Weddingomania (2024)
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